President’s Day Wrap-Up

Wow, what a weekend! I hope all you Schweitzer Fans were able to partake in some of our Winter Carnival festivities. Both Pardi Gras and Laser Floyd had great crowds and a rockin’ vibe. It was awesome to see so many people enjoying the mountain and letting loose. The smattering of new snow we got this weekend also really refreshed the trails. I rode a bit both Saturday and Sunday nights, and I must say I was a happy camper.

I really think Laser Floyd, in particular, capped off the weekend well. I had definitely never seen anything like it! The crowd was amped, the drinks were flowing and the laser lines were crisp. I was a little distracted by the 120lb dog I was babysitting; people kept commenting on how the dog must weigh more than me, and I must admit, he dragged me around like a tin can tied to a bumper. So many people, so many smells…Anyway, what I did get to see of the show was pretty spectacular. I’m not sure how many of you turned around at all, but the lights were reflecting and making patterns on all the village buildings. Combined with the little bit of smoke reflecting the lights, the overall effect was pretty sick. The music was pretty sedate, however. If they felt like kicking it up a notch, I think Laser Beyonce would be a solid choice. Beyonce always gets the party started.   

After such an epic weekend (and more in store today for all you with the day off, lucky ducks!), I felt like I’d aged a few years when my alarm went off this morning. I’m definitely one of those people who can never get enough of sleeping! However, once I hit Schweitzer Mountain Road and turned the radio up full blast, I was awake and ready to knock out some snow reporting. As I made my weekly call to my favorite radio station (who shall remain nameless; I can’t be seen playing favorites. Tough, but fair, that’s the snow reporter motto), they enlightened me with some interesting President’s Day trivia-Who was the first president to wear long pants instead of knickers? I must admit, I was stumped. I almost guessed Lincoln, because I know I’ve seen depictions of him in long pants, but quickly dismissed that choice as not being early enough. As I was thinking, trying to take my time and come up with a good response, one of the DJ’s got impatient and shouted out the answer-Thomas Jefferson. I was a little perturbed, as I had thought for years that he was president when knickers were still en vogue. How I could have been so wrong, I’ll never know. The DJ’s were also commentating on the fashion of men wearing powdered wigs back in the day, but I had a good response for that one: “they didn’t know a whole lot about nutrition back then, so maybe they weren’t very healthy and therefore had bad or little hair”. Ha! I thought to myself, a smart, direct answer. Way to kill it, Ross. The DJ’s response? “I think they were just cross dressers.” 

While I feel that both these answers contain a certain validity, at the end of the day it was just the style back then. In a couple hundred years, radio DJ’s (or whatever the futuristic equivalent is), will ask unsuspecting snow reporters obscure trivia questions like, “Why did kids like rock either really baggy or really tight snow pants in the early 2010’s? Who invented the helmet GoPro? And why, oh why, did people wear pants and coats in matching, screaming-loud patterns?” And the poor snow reporter will be stumped, because she’ll have no idea why people chose to look so ridiculous (by the future’s standards, I mean) hundreds of years ago. It is crazy to look back on this holiday and see how far we’ve come! I think next year we should have a presidential-themed party up here (wigs optional).


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