How the Unsullied Come to be Sullied

As I thought about blogging today, I thought about my experience with snowboarding; which in my case is mediocre.  I’m moving into the intermediate stage of riding and I was trying to think of some things to talk about to entertain readers.  With not much experience, I came to what some would call a “writers block.”  I don’t have an abundance of experiences to write about and I never claimed to be a creative writer. Stumped!! So I decided to talk with people about there 1st experiences down a hill/mountain.

Truth be told, I’m a super competitive person and I don’t like to be just mediocre at things.  For my friends that know me, they know that I can get in some ways “cutthroat” in a friendly competition.  I like a good rivalry, but more than that I love the feeling of succeeding and meeting goals.  I think we all are guilty of that every once in a while.  Not that losing is a bad thing.  Shoot, I’ve probably learned most of what I know from making mistakes and sometimes failing.  Every time I fall, I try and think of how I can avoid that again!  I can handle the process; it’s just more fun to prevail.

So there I was, thinking about how I don’t know crap (yet) about skiing or riding.  It makes me feel slightly insecure about riding with people who have so much experience, then I remembered most every person that is/was an impressive rider or an amazing skier was in my shoes at one point or another on their own learning curve to greatness.  I need to remember that time will pass and my skills will get better as I continue to tumble and fall.  Patience is a virtue… one that I may lack a bit of. 

After I came to my senses and realized I’m not the only person learning out there, I decided to talk with other people around the mountain about their experiences learning how to get to the bottom and where they did it.  Let’s see if any of these little blurps send you back down memory lane.

1st times on a board or skis:

–          “My buddies took me straight to the top, let’s go!”

–          “I was so young I can’t remember. I do remember ski lessons in Austria.”

–          “Right on the hill in my back yard growing up on some ghetto skis.”

–          “Parents worked on the hill. They brought me up to the mountain and I ran around the village for a few days before they put me on skis, then they put some skis on me and sent me down the mountain.”

–          “My friends took me straight to the top. It was so tough! It took me 1 & ½hrs to get down.”

–          “Some buddies of mine took my brother and me up for our first time.  My brother took his skis off, put them together, sat on them and sledded down! They didn’t take it easy on us. Straight to the top!”

–          “Went up when I was 4 years old. I was made of rubber! I was fearless, so I just went straight down the hill!”

–          “It was super icy! I was taken straight to the top.  The only way I knew how to stop was wrecking. 3hrs later I made it down the run!

–          “I learned to ski on a manmade mountain in Ohio. It was 200 ft tall.”

–          “I rode in a back pack on one of my parents back my 1st few times. My 1st time on skis my mom took me down the hill. I’d ride in between her skis on my own skis and we’d practice my turns.”

–          “Went with a church youth group for a couple of days my 1st time. The next time I went, I went to the top of the hill on a different mountain. It took 1 & ½ hrs to get down.”

–          “My husband (boyfriend at the time) took me to the top and gave me a five minute tip session, and then he took off down the hill without me. May sound tough, but I learned.”

Most of the people I talked with are excellent skiers and boarders now. I thought these stories were great! They brightened my day and gave me hope for my riding future. Hope you enjoyed them.

– Jimmy Reed, Marketing Intern


3 Responses to “How the Unsullied Come to be Sullied”

  1. 1 Shannon January 17, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Great Job, Jimmy! I am impressed! Found it very interesting….kept my attention! Ask your dad about his first ski adventure!

  2. 2 Erin January 18, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    haha, love this, its so true! Reminded me of my first time, when someone told me I could wear regular snow boats and strap them in my bindings….then they took me to the very top and…..3 hours later I made it to the bottom…it was horrible….haha but it got a lot better after that! Thanks for the stories!!

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