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Step into My Office…

It can be hard to get inspired for a blog post on a day that doesn’t include skiing. I think I figured out a good alternative though……

 I had a teleconference today, and to best showcase what we have to offer at Schweitzer this early season, I positioned myself in the ideal location where one could not only see the amount of snow we have up here, but a running chairlift, skiers and riders, and the snow we are making ourselves in lieu of the stubborn elements.

So there I was, office chair – blocked from sliding down the snow by a couple of big rocks, blankets in tow, hand warmers in position, hat on and laptop atop my lap.

Obviously, few people up here were aware of my conference, and because you couldn’t hear the incoming voices, or see the 2-5 other faces on the screen from more than a foot away, I really looked like I had set up my office in the snow. As skiers, boarders, snowmobiles and casual walkers zoomed past me, I started to think that, aside from the little snowflakes dampening my keyboard, an occasional gust of wind, and the fact that the glare from the sky made it impossible to see the mouse on my screen, it was quite a lovely office setting. In fact, after a while, the laptop heated up enough to completely warm up my legs, people were offering to bring me food and hot cocoa, more blankets, and most importantly – smiles and laughter. People actually thought I was out there just to be out there.

And why not? The weather steadied from blue skies, to light crystal-like snow fall, the sounds of skis crunching on soft corduroy was my Pandora and instead of breathing in office air that smells like sweaty ski boots, I inhaled nothing but fresh, crisp air.

Two hours later – I was still happy, but ready to take it inside. The moral of the story? Sometimes it’s not simply partaking in the act of skiing/riding that makes us love this place so much – sometimes just seeing it happen around you, that makes getting through the day that much easier. For those of you who don’t get to work in such a place – take your chair, your laptop, and a blanket and sit outside and play the video on our website. Repeatedly. You’ll see what I mean. 

 Happy Friday!


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