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Early Season Pass Sale Ends May 31st!

Time is running out for you to SAVE HUGE on your 2009.2010 Schweitzer Season Pass. This year’s early season pass deadline is May 31st, which offers you a season pass at the rate from two seasons ago! June 1st is when prices jump to the regular pass sale rate; which last through October 31st. After that, you’re paying full price. It’s an easy way to save some extra cash, so what are you waiting for?


When Life Hands You Lemons…and some bad weather…

 So, yesterday, Dave, the marketing and sales director, during the mid-may blizzard, announced his plans to enjoy some fun in the snow today – followed by an all too cheery “when life hands you lemons…” spiel – and I’m like – ‘thanks Dave, why don’t you hand me one of those lemons so I can throw it at you’… stupid weather… Of course I didn’t say it like that – he is my boss after all. But I do think this weather is beginning to cloud my judgment.

 Nevertheless, he isn’t at all alone in his ridiculously gleeful declaration… Even as I write this, my left-eye peripherals are picking up a blur of brightly colored jackets flying through the village amidst a torrent of off-white snowballs.

 Since we closed, dedicated locals have been up here almost every day, sunglasses in hand, snow boots on, enjoying Schweitzer’s leftovers in rain, shine and – dare I say it – snow.

 It’s not that I don’t admire these winter enthusiasts. I do. A lot. But there is just something about playing around in the now-browning snow, trying to dodge the beautiful patches of earth – working so hard to surface – that just does not appeal to me. Plus, I can’t help feeling like these people are raining on my parade – rubbing it in that summer still a ways off – squeezing one of Dave’s lemons into an open wound caused by the serrated knife that is this weather.

 Yes – I do work at a ski resort and yes – I do love the snow.  

 But I also work at a resort with awesome summertime offerings as well! Is it wrong to long for the days when I can look out my window and see muddy mountain bike tracks instead of groomers? Enjoy an afternoon hiking break (on dirt, not snow)? Play a mean game of disc golf to kick off my day? (not that I actually can play a ‘mean’ game…) But still.

 All I’m saying is, feel free to enjoy what’s left of winter. Play away. But if you see some extremely pale person sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by décor that may or may not be props from Tropical Daze, and rocking out to an iPod of Bob Marley, UB40, and maybe a couple repeat plays of Will Smith’s awesome 90’s hit, Summertime (you like it too…) on some random island of grass/mud somewhere in the sea of snow – Try not to pummel her with your poorly aimed snowball, amped up by adrenaline and some mutant desire for an endless winter…

You might knock over the 8 martinis she made for herself with all those lemons.

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