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STOMP GAMES [ March 20-22, 2009 ]

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redemption slash.

Schweitzer MountainA picture is worth a thousand words. Awwww. Never underestimate the power of a monumentally overused and equally cliche tidbit. I entitled this photo “redemption slash” because that is precisely what it is. After the snow’s “adorable” 6 week disappearing act, it has returned to Schweitzer in full force. I encourage you to get a little redemption of your own as there is truly nothing more rewarding / utterly satisfying.

Photo Credit: Sean Briggs
Specific Photo Location: Pssshhh…nice try

“the turkey”

At the risk of revealing too much, I simply must get something off my chest. There is a particular tree stump en route to the Schweitzer Village that is shaped like a turkey. Yeah, the gangly, somewhat tasty seasonal bird. This particular stump has fooled me on numerous occasions. I brake when it enters my field of vision as to avoid a Thanksgiving-style slaughter outside the normal holiday season window. It fools me then, coincidentally, I feel a bit foolish as people behind me on the road must wonder, “Why the he** is she braking?!” Lesson temporarily learned. Then just enough time goes by and I forget about the particular “feathered” tree phenomenon. Then BAMMM, GOOOOBLE, *braaaake* Ohhhh, false alarm…idiot. The irony lies in the fact that when you look up the word turkey on, provided synonyms include the likes of  fool and idiot. The dictionary mentions nothing of the tasty holiday bird frequently spotted in the Northern Idaho region or even references the Eurasian country for that matter. The first entry defines turkey as a person who lacks good sense or judgement. Allow me to clarify by using the word in a sentence: Only a turkey would think that the mangled tree stump alongside the mountain road was actually a living, breathing turkey. You get the idea. As to dash (or rather empty the entire salt shaker) in my ego wound, Merriam Webster goes on to define (so bluntly) turkey in their second entry as a stupid person. Ouch. Once again I will use the word in a sentence in order to clarify any confusion on the word’s meaning: Only a turkey would think that the mangled tree stump alongside the mountain road was actually a living, breathing turkey. Funny how the same sentence works for both. Thanks a lot Merriam…if that’s really your name. Go ahead, look for the stump I so honestly reference. You have to glance over to the right side of the road (on the way up the mountain) at just the right moment. It is somewhere in the general “switchback one region” and that is all I will say. Chances are, if you’re looking for it, you won’t see it. The inherent beauty of this mangled stump is that is catches the viewer completely off guard, resulting in erratic braking patterns. There is also a dinosaur shaped tree further up the road, but I will spare myself any further embarassment and keep this particular Jurassic Park-like experience to myself. I’ve already said too much. Happy Monday (slash Tuesday).

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The People You Meet

Some of my favorite days on the hill are when I go solo. You meet so many great people on the chairs. Some are talkative and some just want to take the mountain in together in silence. Both work great for me.

Rode Musical Chairs up with a 5th grade red headed snowboarder that was very talkative. I chuckled to myself when he started bragging about his much younger brothers mountain skills. He sounded very proud of the kid (7 years his senior) and looked forward to racing his little brother down the hill.

A few runs later I rode up with a lady from St. Maries that took 5 weeks off this winter to spend on Schweitzer calling it her “Radical Sabbatical”. She was so vibrant and fun to ride the chair up with, coincidentally we rode up Stella together about an hour and a half later.

I look forward to meeting more of my fellow skiers and boarders soon!

chairlift speed dating part II

Thanks to chairlift speed dating, this Valentine’s Day will not go forgotten. As I reminisce about the events of that particular 14th day of February, two thousand and nine I simply cannot help but break into a (big) smile. Although hardly a love connection, the event made for a memorable holiday. I drug myself up the mountain after an eventful night on the town with old friends just in time to obtain my speed dating “starter pack” from the Activity Center. Expecting to toss on a bib or pin a number to my jacket as to be identifiable by possible future loves, the staff smirked and handed me a lavishly loud red garter meticulously crafted of shiny ribbon and a foam heart displaying my participant number. “Oh, this is subtle,” I thought to myself as I slid on the elaborately wedding-like embellishment  that might as well have displayed a message  much more pathetic and desperate than “#108”. Wanting to be in fine form, I took a few warm up laps before diving into an afternoon of speed dates. Speedy speed dates at that as believe it or not, there were a few more male participants than females. It’s only natural in the ski town setting that the ratio be a bit skewed. I power lapped the Basin Express only to find a handful of guys at the bottom each time waiting for one of the few ladies to circulate through. Hard work for us gals having to do speed date in double time. I had memorable conversations beginning with bad pick up lines and ending with heartfelt gamer speak (we somehow landed on the all-too-cliche topic of video games and this particular speed dater who shall remain anonymous speed talked, gamer talk for the remainder of the lift ride. Is the lift ride really only 4 minutes? Funny how it can feel like twice that under extenuating circumstances…It did warm my heart however to witness a grown man’s enthusiasm and passion for hobbies that perhaps shouldn’t be revealed on a first date.) Other highlights included hand holding turns, chairlift cuddling, male confidence in the form of a vibrant 80’s onsie and synchronized shifties over park jumps as a display of affection. Some truly had signed up for love and others were there to have fun and sample the free wine and live music post speed dating. I can only encourage more women to participate next year as it is completely worth putting yourself out there (adorned in a vibrant garter) whether it be to meet some new twenty something faces or to have a silent chuckle to yourself mid lift ride. I am guilty of breaking face a few times into an inappropriately teethy grin. “Uh huh, I totally agree that video game systems are overpriced. A true travesty of the modern world. I am utterly relieved someone else shares my views as I’ve felt so alone on the issue for years.” Smile, nod, play along and most importantly, have fun and embrace the beauty of being single on Valentines Day.

Powder Runs

Barbie was able to find her favorite untouched powder stash today at Schweitzer. She almost lost control after that bump, but with her mad skills she pulled it back together.

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